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Open to any start-up founded in (or after) 2020, with less than 1 million euros in previous equity funding. This competition aims to attract leading innovations in the following categories: Web3, Culture, Experience, AI & Impact. 50 finalists will be selected, and each will receive 1 start-up registration pass, visibility & pitching time during MIDƐM+ 24.


MIDEM+ Start-up Battles


Applications will be accepted until September 24, 2023.


Start-up Battles

WEB3 - Companies focused on leveraging blockchain, NFTs, decentralised finance, and other Web3 technologies for art and music creation, distribution, and monetisation, as well as innovative business models and revenue streams.

CULTURE - Start-ups from gaming, video, publishing, education, and other arts sectors with solutions that add value to the creative industries, as well as start-ups offering educational resources or tools for the music community.

EXPERIENCE - Projects that enhance music experiences through virtual and augmented reality, live events, gaming, or other immersive and interactive technologies.

AI - Start-ups that use generative AI, machine learning, or data analytics to help creators craft their music, listeners discover new sounds, or provide valuable insights for artists and industry professionals.

IMPACT - Founders who focus on promoting diversity, inclusion, and sustainability within the music industry, or use music as a vehicle for social change.


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