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Kuti Femi

Job TitleArtist

Company NameNew Afrika Shrine (Nigeria)


Those who have followed his career and have experienced his music know this: Femi Kuti never felt just satisfied with being the king's heir. He freed himself from his father's legacy in '85 by putting together his own band, The Positive Force, and thereby working to find his own voice.


Femi's father, Fela Anikulapo-Kuti, created the style - a blend of traditional Nigerian drum patterns, the smooth groove of highlife and American soul, funk and R&B - and took it to the world, inspiring people with insistent dance beats and lyrics bristling with political statements.


Afrobeat moved several generations of musicians, in Nigeria and around the world, to follow Fela's dictum and use music as a weapon to fight for justice and freedom.


Femi and his band, Positive Force, are at the forefront of that movement.


As a spokesperson for UNICEF's crusade for the rights of children and an advocate for HIV/AIDS education and prevention, Femi is recognized as a community leader and an inspiration for African resistance to the remnants of colonial mentality and economic hardship.

Most of his albums have been nominated for Grammy Awards and Femi Kuti no longer counts various international collaborations on wax or stage with artists as diverse as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wizkid, Erikah Badu, Damon Albarn, Thievery Corporation, Hugh Masekala , Mos Def, Angelique Kidjo.

Conference Sessions

  • Keynote - Femi Kuti, Artist, New Afrika Shrine (Nigeria)

    04 Jun 2019, 06:30 PM - 07:00 PM, Main Room

    Femi Kuti has been named Midem 2019 Artist Ambassador after welcoming at The Shrine, the heart and soul of Nigeria’s music scene, Midem’s second edition in Lago...

    • Language: English
      1. Event
      2. Event Date
        Tue, Jun 4
      3. Event Theme
        Country Focus
        Music Business
        Talent Development

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