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Strobel Matthias

Job TitlePresident

Company NameMusic Tech Germany (Germany)


Matthias Strobel is President of MusicTech Germany and a serial entrepreneur in the creative industries. He co-founded the music-tech startup Nagual Sounds in 2011 which now holds a patent on the process of translating data streams into tonal musical structures in real-time. After he left its operative business in summer 2015, he founded the Social Startup ZwischenWerk and started the project Creative Coding School to teach socially disadvantaged people skills in emerging technologies. In addition to these activities, he worked as a consultant for creative technologies and curated interdisciplinary art and music projects. His passion for music and the great possibilities of new technologies led him to join Music Tech Fest in summer 2016 for which he worked until December 2017. Matthias Strobel has founded the world’s first Federal Association of Music Technology, MusicTech Germany in July 2017 and just recently started the creative-tech innovation catalyst WickedWork with which he also runs Music Unchained, an event series that focuses on the identification of new value creation opportunities for music through emerging technologies.


MusicTech Germany is the first Federal Association for Music Technology. At the core of its mission: Promoting collaboration between the traditional music industry and music tech pioneers by initiating interactive multi-disciplinary events and by communicating with and counseling of inter/national policy makers, industry executives, media representatives, as well as artists, and the general public.

As an independent organization, MusicTech Germany is the main point of contact for music technology in Germany. It connects the dots for its members who seek to address the challenges of the music industry value chain in the digital age.

Furthermore, the association fosters the knowledge transfer between visionaries from all intersections of the creative industries. It serves as a mediator and independent catalyst to help accelerate avant-garde approaches, determined to further the innovative potential and future success of artists and pioneers by providing the creative environment and improving the underlying economic infrastructure.

Conference Sessions

  • Midemlab Pitches: Music Creation & Education

    05 Jun 2019, 10:30 AM - 11:30 AM, Music Lab

    Midemlab features the most innovative startups proposing solutions that enable creative industries to develop new consumer experiences. Are you looking to inves...

    • Language: English
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        Wed, Jun 5
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