Gauberti Annabelle

Job TitlePartner

Company NameCrefovi


Annabelle Gauberti is the founding partner of music law firm Crefovi, which specialises in advising the creative industries, out of Paris and London. Having worked with creative clients for more than thirteen years, Annabelle is an avid believer in the importance and value of looking forward, and planning ahead, to thrive in the current music industry and its new paradigm. The work undertaken by her regularly includes advising songwriters and composers on publishing deals; producers and performers on record deals and all of the latter on streaming deals and sync transactions; as well as intellectual property registration and protection, intellectual property and commercial litigation, negotiating merchandise deals and partnerships between brands and bands.


About Crefovi

Crefovi is a London and Paris based law firm which specialises in advising the creative industries and, in particular, the music and entertainment sectors. Crefovi is a 360° legal services provider that addresses and tackles legal and business issues faced by the creative industries.

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