High-Potential Markets Programme

Midem places an emphasis on assisting music professionals from all around the world and encouraging business development and talent discovery.

The high-potential markets programme is developed to assist with the structuring and professionalisation of the music industry in emerging regions to stimulate its international exchanges

Where does it start in 2018: Africa

Despite their incredible influence over lots of music styles all over the world African countries only represent 2% of the world music market.

However, with the highest youth population and a rapid adoption of mobile media, the digital revolution has given a new opportunity to export more local artists.

The African markets, with their diversity and cultural wealth, possess a huge potential.

With its long-term program, Midem’s ambition is to accelerate this transition by creating bridges between African and international territories to develop sustainable business models and structure the African music industry.

Objectives of the African Forum

  • Create a frame to allow significant discussions

  • Highlight the African creativity, culture and style

  • Share knowledge and professional training

  • Involve politicians and official institutions

  • Facilitate exchanges and international networking to develop business and creativity

Local networking meeting in Africa

4-12 April 2018

South Africa – Johannesburg
Nigeria – Lagos
Ivory Coast – Abidjan
Congo – Brazzaville

Key local decision makers and international professionals – mobile operators, streaming platforms, publishers, labels, artists, media, politicians… - are invited to join 4 events across Africa.

The objective is to start the conversation on the structuring of the African music industry and the development of sustainable business models for African labels and artists, to boost African music on a local and international scale.

The Midem African Forum

5-8 June 2018

Inside Midem 2018 in Cannes

The Midem African Forum will unfold over 4 days to discuss the realities and challenges of these markets and achieve concrete, pragmatic and constructive agreements among the participating decision makers.

Several formats will facilitate so: panels, thematic conferences, round tables, workshops, networking and meet-ups.

The Midem African Night

5-8 June 2018

Inside Midem 2018 in Cannes

A dedicated party will be organized with several showcases to highlight the variety of African Music.

Africa: the next global music opportunity

Explore how rights owners are working with African artists to create business opportunities in Africa, the new global music territory, in this exclusive white paper.


Keynote: Black Coffee

Prominent electronic music producer in Africa, both artist and entrepreneur, Black Coffee is one the biggest ambassador of African Talents.

He will be keynoting at Midem in Cannes.

Q&A with Yemi Alade

International hit maker, artist and fashion designer, multi-award nominee, Yemi Alade is one the biggest star of Afropop and the face of Africa’s next generation of artists.

She will be participating in a question & answer session at Midem in Cannes.