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Midem for music publishers

Since 1966, Midem has been enabling music publishers to expand their business internationally.

Midem is now also helping them embrace new revenue opportunities around copyright - from streaming and syncing services, brands and film/TV music.

With streaming as a major catalyst for change, music publishers are embracing new business opportunities. The growing influx of investment is enabling publishers to diversify away from their core business and develop full-stack music companies, which streamline publishing, recording and distribution. By expanding beyond the publishing business, they are able to compete across a broader segment of the music business value chain.

The world is also their new playground - with the growth of exciting music markets across all continents - and this requires new multi-regional approaches to optimising revenue growth.

Music Business and Networking

  • Discover, source, and partner with the artist and label services you need locally and internationally - from production and funding, to marketing, promotion and rights management - to boost your artists’ careers and build full-stack capabilities. How? By visiting the first ever Midem Artist and Label Services Forum,  located at the heart of the Palais des Festivals.
  • Accessing leading music supervisors has never been so easy. 30+ supervisors are available to meet over the 4 days of conferences and Meet the Speakers sessions.
  • Looking to extend your sub-publishing deals in key markets for your artists? Connect with your existing sub-publishing network and meet new contacts among the 700+ music publishers who attend Midem each year.
  • Find new opportunities in high potential music markets like Africa, Latin America, and Asia, by sourcing local partners at the 30+ national pavilions at the International Village (Palais des Festivals) and discover insightful tips at the International Stage conferences.
  • 600+ artists from around the world attend Midem looking for partners - including music publishers - to boost their careers.
  • Leading global and regional streaming services are eager to meet you, including Spotify, Amazon Music, Rhapsody Napster, Soundcloud, Deezer, iMusica, Anghami, Tencent, Boomplay, and many more!
  • With streaming representing a rapidly growing source of music publishing revenue, learn where tomorrow’s opportunities lie at our exclusive Streaming Summit, an industry landmark!
  • Discover innovative start-ups offering solutions on ‘Music Creation & Education’, ‘Music Discovery and Distribution’, and ‘Marketing Data and Analytics’ at Midemlab’s pitch sessions and international music start-up competition.

Artist and Creativity

  • Submit your artists and source ‘export-ready’ talent during our new Midem Talent Exporter programme, during which 20+ carefully selected bands will pitch their music story and play live in front of a panel of the leading international buyers of our generation.
  • Enjoy Midem concerts at night at the exclusive Midem Beach, and discover talent from across the globe.



Inspiration and Education

  • With copyright reforms impacting Europe and the USA, and collective management experimenting with new models around the world, stay up-to-date on recent developments by attending our Copyright Summit.
  • Identify untapped revenue opportunities at the Cash Factory’s conferences, including ‘Music and Brands’, ‘Film/TV Music’, and ‘Music and E-sports’.
  • Renowned music publishers and artists share insightful tips on how they approach the new music landscape. Recent editions have featured Hartwig Masuch (BMG), Femi Kuti, and Mike Shinoda (Linkin Park). Already confirmed for the exclusive 2020 keynote: Fred Davis (The Raine Group), Justin Kalifowitz (Downtown), and Kerry Trainor (SoundCloud) will discuss the future of artist and label services.

Meet the world of music under one roof

Doing business primarily in Europe

Among our 5,000+ attendees, Europe accounts for 59% of total participants, with the UK, France and Germany as the top three music markets represented.

Willing to cross the Atlantic

North America is the #1 region for Midem, with many leading players present, including major labels and publishers like AIMP, WIM, ASCAP, CD Baby, and many more!

The world is your playground

With 90 countries represented at Midem - including business leaders from Asia, Africa and Latin America - for four days, the whole world is your playground.