Midem Latin American Forum

Midem places an emphasis on supporting music professionals the world over, encouraging business development and talent discovery.

This forum has been developed to assist with the structuring and professionalisation of the music industry in Latin America to stimulate international exchanges.

Midem is a business enabler, helping and supporting new territories to structure and develop their local music markets thanks to a unique programme of knowledge sharing, networking, inspiration, conferences and meetings.

Midem has created the Midem Latin American Forum, a long-term programme designed to establish business and artistic relationships between Latin America and professionals from the rest of the world. The forum aims to develop and sustain the structuring of local and regional music ecosystems and international business in Latin America.

Interested in participating in the Midem Latin American Forum?

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Exclusive Q&A:

Gente de Zona and Michel Vega

In this exclusive session during Midem 2020, multi Grammy award-winning Cuban duo, Gente de Zona, will discuss their international rise, with Michel Vega, leading Latin music executive, who co-founded Magnus Media with Marc Anthony. With the 2014 smash hit, Bailando, Cuban duo, Gente de Zona, delivered the first global Latin hit of the streaming age. Since then, they have revolutionised urban, tropical and pop music with global hits and stellar collaborations.

Instrumental to their international rise, Michel Vega, alongside Marc Anthony, has built Magnus Media, as a multifaceted music company providing 360 tailor-made services to its artists. During their Q&A these Latin powerhouses will take us behind the scenes of building Gente de Zona’s international career and pushing the boundaries of today’s music business.

Midem Latin American Forum


The Midem Latin American Forum spotlights the most exciting music developments in Latin America and offers unique insights into how to grow your business internationally.


Meet the people who matter in Latin America. From international companies to local partners, enjoy access to participants from more than 80 countries before, during and after the event.


Midem has always encouraged the discovery of new talent from every region of the world. Throughout the Midem Latin American Forum, we highlight the most promising Latin artists with concerts on Midem Beach’s two stages.

Latin American Forum: Growing the Latin Music Business

  • Create a unified pan-Latin music market
  • Facilitate exchanges and international networking
  • Develop knowledge sharing and professional training
  • Enable the discovery and export of new talents
  •  Encourage the mobility of Latin artists throughout Latin America and the rest of the world

The internationalisation of Latin music

Exclusive webinar by Zach Fuller

This webinar presents exclusive data and analysis behind this extraordinary growth of the Latin American market and highlight the trends for the Latin music industry both regionally and globally. At a time when digital is the driving force behind the growth of the music industry, Latin America is the world’s fastest growing streaming market.

Latin artists are breaking records and boundaries globally. The region holds more than 500 million mobile phone users, half of which are in the 9th largest recorded music market today: Brazil. The potential for further growth is monumental!