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What is Midem?

Midem is the leading international event for the global music community.
We provide a unique business and networking platform for international music professionals, together with expertly curated industry programming and tailored physical and digital events.  

Our mission

Midem’s mission is to help build the modern and innovative music business of tomorrow by boosting the industry’s expertise and leveraging creativity and talent on a global scale.

We collaborate with key institutions and associations and gather the leaders and inspirers of tomorrow's music community to nurture new ideas and offer participants extensive networking opportunities.

The needs of the global music industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has left no industry untouched in 2020. In the music industry, it sparked a crisis that has left artists, songwriters, music companies and digital services all grappling with the implications.  In today’s globalised music economy, the industry and all its sectors need innovation, skills and talent to develop new business models and fresh ways to interact with fans. To keep pace with changes, it must also forge new partnerships to reach audiences, drive growth, and improve reputation.

Midem: your partner for global growth

Network with industry leaders and meet international partners

Make fruitful deals 

Position and promote your company

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Midem Artist & Label Services Forum

Midem launches the first global platform for artist and label services. It brings together leading services – production, funding, marketing, sales and promotion, rights management, and many others – from all around the world, which can help boost artists’ careers and provide solutions for labels to support their artists and catalogues.

Midem International Forums

Through its international forums, Midem helps global music professionals by encouraging business development and fresh talent discovery. We aim to foster bilateral exchanges between national and international music executives across all sectors of worldwide markets.

African Forum

Latin American Forum 

Asian Forum

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Rob Hallett

Founder, Robomagic (UK)

Stephen Ying

Founder, Spinbox (Taiwan)

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