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Concerts at Midem 2019

Midem has developed its Midem by Night programme to encourage the discovery of new talent in high-potential regions. Over four days, 7,000 participants will have the opportunity to attend around 30 concerts of the world’s most promising artists performing on Midem Beach’s two stages.

Midem by Night

Since 1967, Midem has become a key fixture for professionals in the international music industry who gather in Cannes to network, learn what’s trending, and discover the most promising talent. Within a vibrant atmosphere, Midem places live performance at the heart of the event with two stages on the stunning Midem Beach dedicated to concerts.

Midem by Night spotlights upcoming artists from around the world, showcasing their talent to the most influential music players and helping them to take their career to the next level. For more than five decades, some of the most iconic and renowned artists have played live at Midem, including Nina Simone, Stevie Wonder, Amy Winehouse, Jamie Cullum, La Mano Negra, Madness, Juan Atkins, Laurent Garnier, C2C, 2manydjs and Charlie Winston.

Midem by Night is a focus point for the energy and creativity of our eclectic and innovative music community. It’s an emotional powerhouse and an amazing opportunity for the audience to share a special moment!



Femi Kuti debut live midem show

Afrobeat legend and multiple Grammy nominee, Femi Kuti will make his debut live performance during this year’s edition. Continuing Femi’s involvement in Midem’s initiatives in Africa, the concert will mark his premiere on the Midem Beach

Femi and his band, Positive Force, are at the forefront of the tour de force that is the Afrobeat movement. Femi is now the heart and soul of modern Afrobeat, continually expanding the music's vocabulary, adding hints of punk and hip-hop to the sound, while maintaining its traditional roots and political message. His recent collaborations have included working with artists as diverse as Red Hot Chili Peppers, Wizkid and more recently Coldplay and Stromae.