Midem's programmes for artists

Midem is keen to strengthen its commitment to working closely with artists and their teams to help them navigate the fast-moving international music industry. To do so, Midem has designed tailor-made programmes to encourage music artists’ development on a global scale.

Improve music artist development internationally

Artists are at the heart of the music industry and key to its success. Nowadays, they have the opportunity to release their music to a wider audience than ever before and music fans across the globe can experience music from a more diverse set of services.   

Knowledge and education are crucial to understanding today’s challenges and identifying new opportunities to develop globally. 

Midem’s programmes for music artists’ development have several aims.

  • Put artists at the centre of discussions
  • Create an international gathering and a platform for dialogue
  • Develop professional training and knowledge-sharing for artists
  • Showcase artist-entrepreneurs and creation
  • Break down borders by engaging the global music community

Discover our world-renowned programmes and all the latest initiatives to support music artists' development on the world stage.

Midem Talent Exporter

The ultimate music accelerator for artists' international expansion!
This live matchmaking format will shine a light on 22 promising export-ready talent and connect them with today's finest international buyers.

Songwriting camp

Over four days in Cannes’ Creative House, Midem gathers some of the most exciting and innovative songwriters and producers to collaborate and compose original songs together.
By invitation only.

Midem Studio Sessions

As part of its programme to encourage the discovery of new talent in high-potential regions, Midem is proud to have launched its first Studio Sessions by Dynaudio Unheard.

Midem by Night

The first career booster for emerging talent is an exclusive programme for artists to grow their profiles globally through masterclasses with inspiring artist ambassadors, mentoring sessions, business meetings, and concerts.

Midem Digital Edition

Free Access to All

DISCUSS, CONNECT and SHARE solutions for the music industry in the post-Covid era

From 2 JUNE 2020

Midem Artist Hub

Midem Artist Hub partners with the International Artist Organisation (IAO) to provide a dedicated place for international artists to learn all about music artist development, network, and share ideas and creation. Following its huge success in 2019, Midem renews its partnership with IAO for 2020. Learn more about IAO and its mission in this exclusive interview of IAO’s Chairman Nacho Garcia Vega and Director Suzanne Combo.

In 2019, the Artist Hub hosted 14 sessions (including 3 workshops, 3 masterclass, showcases and cocktail party) on hot topics such as DIY in a digital era, live show marketing, music placement, the evolution of DJing, and more. In total, over 550 artists from all over the world came to get inspired by their peers and music execs. These three days of intense discussions ended with the release of the official Featured Artist Declaration (FAD) by IAO.


Opportunities for artists to learn from more experienced counterparts who have enjoyed rich and inspiring career paths.


Discussions about the artist’s status and its inherent challenges, covering topics such as legal status, rights negotiation and copyright.

Already confirmed: "New Ways of Making Noise for Artists" and "A Guide to Promote Yourself in the Main Music Markets"


Presentation of current platforms and innovative solutions for artists and their teams, such as data management, digital strategy, and social media management.


Q&A sessions and speed meetings with the international music ecosystem’s key players, ranging from A&R to managers, music supervisors and indie labels.

Artists as an active part of the search for solutions - Exclusive Interview with IAO

Artists now have direct access to market, thanks to digital opportunity and labels are signing later, waiting for artists to develop their audience by themselves.

Artists have understood that the recorded music industry suffers from 1960s architecture which is creaking under the strain of new tech and business models. Treatment disparity of neighbouring rights in Europe has also allowed the erosion of protections for performers. 

Following their partnership with the first Midem Artist Hub, the International Artist Organisation (IAO), international artist advocacy organization, created by Artists for Artists, talked about the artist's status and what's next for them.