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Accessible to all, it aims to bring the global music community together to discuss, collaborate, and share solutions for our industry in the post-Covid era.

If you’ve missed something or want to discover more, all content remain live on the platform and there'll be more in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!

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Midem Digital

Our digital platform aims to bring the global music community together online to stimulate discussion, share solutions, and achieve a better understanding of what is ahead for our industry in the post-COVID era.

It allow participants to seize new business opportunities and network with relevant business partners on a global scale thanks to international forums and masterclasses by music tech entrepreneurs and artists, as well as conferences with key players in the international music community. 

Midem Digital Playlist

Midem Digital is where international networking happens and ideas are shared. Discover a selection of Midem Digital 2020 unique music industry and artistic content in this playlist.

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Want to find out what legal issues the pandemic created in the Entertainment industry?

This Live masterclass, part of the Midem Legal Summit in association with IAEL, will discuss pandemic-related legal issues from the 2021 IAEL book. Each speaker will give a brief overview of the issues they have examined in the chapter they have written.

Join this exclusive session, open to all, on July 15th, 2021 at 17:00 (Paris time).


Midem Africa: The First Pan-African Digital Music Event

Midem launched  “Midem Africa”, the first pan-African digital music platform dedicated to the continent’s most vibrant music markets, with Kenya as Country of Honour. Our keynotes, panels and workshops remain accessible to all on demand and free of charge.

Learn about the African music industries, discover the most exciting trends and opportunities, and benefit from key insights and practical tools to foster networking and accelerate careers and business among key local music players and their regional and international counterparts.

The NFT Revolution: Opportunities and Risks in the Music Industry

In association with IAEL, midem is proud to present a seminar dedicated to the business of Non-Fungible Tokens. The full program is presented by Dina LaPolt, Owner and Founder of LaPolt Law, P.C., and Jeff Liebenson, President of IAEL, and helps you understand why this innovation is your next business opportunity. This exclusive seminar is divided in 3 parts:

  • The Basics
  • The Business
  • The Business Affairs/Legal Issues

Hall of Fame Songwriters in Conversation: Jermaine Dupri & Dallas Austin

In association with Deepr

In this unique online conversation, the Grammy award-winning producers and Hall of Fame songwriters, Jermaine Dupri & Dallas Austin will share all the secrets behind their most famous hits. Let’s take a deep dive into their amazing prolific music careers!

From shaping the Hip-Hop/R&B sound of the 90s with artists like Kris Kross, Boyz II Men, Usher or TLC to produce hits for superstars like Michael Jackson, Madonna or Mariah Carey, you don’t want to miss their incredible journey through music history. 

This exclusive online conversation is presented by Atlanta-Based Music App Deepr and moderated by Executive Hip-Hop & Brand Consultant Samira Kaelin.

The Impacts of Covid-19 on the Music Industry


As the world was shook by the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, entertainment and music were among those sectors hit the strongest. As live venues closed and lockdown became the new reality, the number of initiatives from artists, individual companies, trade associations and music industries as a whole showed the business could united to find common solutions to this unprecedented crisis. This panel sheds light on some of those initiatives and analyses the impacts of Covid-19 on our industry.

Youtube’s Tuma Basa & Artist Manager Thabiso Khati Talk About the African Hip-Hop Globalisation


In this online conversation, Youtube’s Urban Director Tuma Basa and Artist Manager Thabiso Khati  share their vision on the African music globalization phenomenon,  giving exclusive insights on keys to success and analysing challenges that can arise on the way to the top of the global game.


Fundraising Fundamentals


With "Music Tech Startup Thrive Series", Midem helps entrepreneurs get insights from insiders.  This episode “Fundraising Fundamentals” features Fred Davis, Partner at the Raine Group, and John Acquaviva, Managing Partner at Plus 8 Equity, providing investors' tips. Dani Deahl, Music Tech Journalist at The Verge, moderates. They share insights into how and when a startup should approach investors, what VCs expect from entrepreneurs, what a presentation deck should include and much more. 

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Navigate our Content Library to reap the benefits of market intelligence through exclusive Midem content. This includes new releases like our ‘Music in Asia’ and ‘The sound of music in sync with esports’ white papers, blog posts and videos of Midem in Cannes, as well as 2019 Dynaudio sessions.


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Just as Midem’s physical gatherings do, Midem Digital will be your place to discover the freshest global emerging talent. The newly created ‘Artist Discovery’ section will indeed introduce you to an exciting line-up of international emerging artists, through a complete gallery of 55+ artists’ profiles.


Artist & label services directory

Midem unveils the first-ever ‘Artist and Label Services Directory’, as a prelude to Midem Artist and Label Services Forum at Midem 2021: a marketplace where labels, managers and artists can discover, source and adopt services that provide marketing, sales, rights management, legal and distribution solutions.


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