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Accessible to all, it aims to bring the global music community together to discuss, collaborate, and share solutions for our industry in the post-Covid era.

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Midem Digital Edition: a brand new initiative for the music community

It aims to bring the global music community together to get a better understanding of what’s ahead for our industry in the post-COVID era, thanks to an amazing line-up of keynotes and speakers from every music sector.

This edition will also allow you to identify your next business partners amongst Midem Digital’s participants and source artists from 55+ artists’ profiles. You will have access to exclusive concerts and unique market intelligence, and can discover the first-ever Artist and Label Services Directory. All this from 2 June, 2020!

FAQ Midem Digital Edition

Midem announces Spotlight on East Africa in association with Nyege Nyege 2020

Ahead of a ground breaking 2020 digital edition to Uganda’s Nyege Nyege music festival, Midem and Nyege Nyege announce an industry focused component to the festival, bringing global players from the music industry to meet their East African counterparts and gain insight into one of the most exciting music markets in the world right now. Through a series of showcases of East African musicians and panels bringing together top East African industry players from all sectors to share insights into the East African music market, Nyege and Midem aim to foster further professionalization of the EA market, encourage high level meetings and generate new opportunities for the industry as a whole.

Join Midem Digital platform for free and attend the 2-day industry event “Spotlight on East Africa” on September 3-4, ahead of Nyege Nyege Festival 2020. 

Event agenda

Visit our Event Agenda to discover all the exclusive conferences and concerts offered by the Midem Digital Edition.

You can add your favourite sessions to your schedule and start enjoying our amazing line-up of legendary keynote speakers and artists from 2 June, 2020.



Content library

From 2 June, 2020, navigate our Content Library to reap the benefits of market intelligence through exclusive Midem content. This includes new releases like our ‘Music in Asia’ and ‘The sound of music in sync with esports’ white papers, blog posts and videos of Midem in Cannes, as well as 2019 Dynaudio sessions.


Artist discovery

Just as Midem’s physical gatherings do, Midem Digital Edition will be your place to discover the freshest global emerging talent. The newly created ‘Artist Discovery’ section will indeed introduce you to an exciting line-up of international emerging artists, through a complete gallery of 55+ artists’ profiles.



Artist & label services directory

Midem unveils the first-ever ‘Artist and Label Services Directory’, as a prelude to Midem Artist and Label Services Forum at Midem 2021: a marketplace where labels, managers and artists can discover, source and adopt services that provide marketing, sales, rights management, legal and distribution solutions.


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Current Business Opportunities in the Music Industry

Music Tech Startup Thrive Series

Vickie Nauman, Founder of CrossBorderWorks (USA), and Paul Brindley, CEO of Music Ally (UK) share their best tips for startups about the current business opportunities in the music industry. What are the most promising sectors? What are the new opportunities? How to take advantage of the Covid-19 global situation? Insights from insiders are revealed during this masterclass, part of the brand new “Music Tech Startup Thrive Series”.


Business (Un)Usual with Michael Huppe and D-Nice

Business (Un)Usual takes a deeper look at the ways the music industry is evolving in the wake of covid-19. As music creators are finding new ways to connect with their audiences and the industry is seeking ways to support them, world-renown DJ D-Nice and SoundExchange President and CEO Michael Huppe discuss a path forward.



Spotlight India: The Crossover Success of Raja Kumari

In association with Women in Music

As part of Women in Music’s annual Global Leadership Summit at Midem, breakout global artist Raja Kumari (Mass Appeal) and entertainment attorney Priyanka Khimani (Partner, Anand & Anand & Khimani) discuss the challenges and opportunities of breaking in the U.S. and Indian music markets, seeing hip hop as a bridge, and combating bias as a female Indian-American rapper, singer, songwriter and dancer.

Data for Dollars - Bitfury Surround x Pex x Music Reports

The perpetual question of how artists and rights holders can get an equitable share of the music dollar drives current discussion around music copyrights. Access to data and control over content helps ensure present and future revenue streams for rights holders and data are the path towards greater power over the shares of those dollars. Join Amadea Choplin (COO of Pex), Stefan Shulz (CEO of Bitfury Surround), and Michael Shanley (VP of Music Reports) for a look into the present and future of music copyrights and data.

Warner Music’s Marco Alboni in conversation with Ghali

Italy’s record-breaking rapper Ghali is one of the most inspiring success stories of his generation and a true “citizen of the world” as he likes to call himself. Breaking barriers one after the other, Ghali is the leading figure of Italy’s urban scene and has collaborated with the likes of Ed Sheeran, Travis Scott, Mr Eazi and Stormzy. In an open conversation with Warner Music Italy’s Chairman & CEO Marco Alboni, they will discuss Ghali’s career, successes and the behind the scenes of their collaboration.


Enter the Creative Lab of Arabian Prince


Santa Fe Klan






Mo Laudi






Data's everywhere, even in music

Midemlab highlights innovative ways of promoting, improving and analyzing the music market and specific campaign through its Music Marketing & Data/Analytics category.

The four finalists of this category presented innovations dedicated to artists entrepreneur and core of the music business. 



Watch pitches

Midem Talent Exporter

Presented by Amuse

Meet the Freshest Talent from Five Continents with the ultimate music accelerator for the international expansion of artists. Discover the next generation of talent in their own words as well as better understand their projects and their objectives in the coming months through the “Midem Talent Exporter Pitch Sessions”.

This pitch session highlights  Fehdah (Ireland), Nyoko Bokbae (France), Santa Fe Klan (Mexico), Caveboy (Canada), Manu Manzo (Venezuela), Nadia Nakai (South Africa), Atomic Otro Way (Dominican Republic) and Caleborate (USA).

Watch pitches

Midem Digital Edition Headliners

James Dick

Senior Vice President Marketing Partnerships Asia and Managing Director,

Live Nation Connects 


Fred Davis


The Raine Group 


Lynn Fainchtein

Film Producer, Music Producer & Supervisor,

Casete Agricultura Digital 


Helena Kosinski

VP Global,

Nielsen Music/MRC Data 


Justin Kalifowitz


Downtown Music Holdings 


Chaz Jenkins

Chief Commercial Officer,



Nasty C 



(South Africa)

Denis Ladegaillerie


Believe Music Company