Midem Music Tech Programme

Midem has developed a unique programme dedicated to Music Tech startups
Connect with the global music ecosystem and bring your business to the next level!

Midem: a Pioneer in music tech

Over the past decade, technology has dramatically changed the music experience. Knowledge and inspiration are now crucial to better understand today’s ecosystem and identify new opportunities.

Midem has been a pioneer in music tech and has strongly helped the music community to embrace new technologies. Now, innovation is at the heart of the industry and is key to the success of the music business.

That is why Midem has designed a dedicated programmes to encourage the discovery of new solutions and to share learning about the music tech sector. Our objective is also to develop networking between tech entrepreneurs and the global music ecosystem.

Partnership Music Week Tech Summit 2019

Music and technology go hand-in-hand in the modern music industry, and the Music Week Tech Summit, together with O2, is an exploration of how the two sectors can work together to help artists, managers, labels and publishers reach new audiences. With exclusive insights from the freshest start-ups on the block through to the digital giants shaping the future of the industry, as well as major music biz players, the 2nd annual Music Week Tech Summit took place at The O2, London on Tuesday October 8, 2019.

As a partner, Midem is a jury member of the Start Up Initiative which gives the chance to 6 startups to attend the event for free and showcase their innovations at the network area.

The Music Tech Startup Programme 

As a startup attending Midem, you will have the opportunity to be part of a dedicated year-long programme to learn, meet, and be inspired.

During Midem, you receive practical knowledge on entrepreneurship and fundraising in music tech, meet key players in the music industry to boost your business, and get inspiration from other music entrepreneurs.

Throughout the year, you will have access to global music tech meetups to meet and network with your peers.

Learn, Meet & Be Inspired


An entire day of masterclasses with dedicated topics for startups such as fundraising, Music Tech investment, and open innovation.

Speed Meeting Sessions

Two sessions of 1.5 hour to meet with advisors, potential partners, digital execs, journalists and VCs.


The leading international music-related startup competition that showcases the latest innovations and solutions for the music industry.

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Music Tech Meet Up

During Midem, a Music Tech Meetup takes place on the beach for the global music tech community to network. Additional meetups will be setup in different cities throughout the year.

Tech Pavillions 

The opportunity to showcase solutions and innovations from a specific country or a region.