Midem Music Tech Programme

Midem has developed a unique programme dedicated to music tech startups. 
Connect with the global music ecosystem and take your business to the next level!

Midem: a pioneer in music tech

Over the past decade, technology has dramatically changed the music experience. Knowledge and inspiration are now crucial to understand the music ecosystem and identify new opportunities.

Midem has long been a pioneer in music tech and has helped the music community to embrace new technologies. Innovation is now at the heart of the music industry and key to its success.

That is why Midem has designed a dedicated programme to encourage the discovery of new solutions and share knowledge about the music tech sector. Our objective is also to create networking opportunities between tech entrepreneurs and the global music ecosystem.

Midem Digital Edition

Free Access to All

DISCUSS, CONNECT and SHARE      solutions for the music industry in the post-Covid era

From 2 JUNE 2020

10 Tips to Improve Storytelling for Music Tech Startups

Music Tech Startup Thrive Series

Music Tech is getting more competitive every day and staying top of mind can have a huge impact on getting traction. The overall quality of your product/service is one of the keys, but only if people find what you are doing interesting and relevant, and if they tell others about you. Dmitri Vietze, Founder and CEO of strategic communications agency Rock Paper Scissors will share 10 tips for startup entrepreneurs to improve their public relations with the art of storytelling. Insights from insiders are revealed during this masterclass, part of the brand new “Music Tech Startup Thrive Series”.

Great stories start at Midem

Stephen Ying played live on Midem's Taiwan Beats stage in 2017. His attention-grabbing set attracted so much positive feedback that he decided to come back the next year with his DIY turntable startup, Spinbox. Following his meetings at Midem 2018, Ying signed distribution deals for Spinbox in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, which launched the product in Europe.

Watch now and discover Stephen Ying’s trajectory from scratch deejaying to Cannes!

The Music Tech Startup Programme 

As a startup attending Midem, you will have the opportunity to be part of a dedicated year-long programme to learn, meet and get inspired.

During Midem, you can find practical advice on entrepreneurship and fundraising in music tech, meet key players in the music industry to boost your business, and get inspiration from other music entrepreneurs.

Throughout the year, you will have access to global music tech meetups to network with your peers.

Learn, meet and get inspired


An entire day of masterclasses specifically for startups around topics like fundraising, music tech investment, and innovation.

Speed Meeting Sessions

Two 1.5-hour sessions to meet advisors, potential partners, digital execs, journalists, and venture capitalists.


The leading international music-related startup competition showcasing the latest innovations and solutions for the industry.


Music Tech Meet Up

During Midem, Cannes’ beach is the perfect setting for networking amongst the global music tech community at the Music Tech Meetup. Additional meetups take place in various cities throughout the year.


The opportunity to showcase solutions and innovations from a specific country or region.