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Online registration

I am having trouble registering online. Can you help?

As soon as the registration for visitors is open online, the link to our Online Registration tool can be found on the homepage of the website.

Please note that there are two possibilities to start your online registration:

  • To register, please, go directly through register, then fill out the left section
  • If you have not finished your online registration, please log in by entering your email and the password that was provided to you.

If you haven’t received your login or password, please contact our Customer Service

If you forgot your Login or password , please contact our Customer Service

For further assistance, contact Customer Service

Payment methods

What are the different methods of payment?

  • Online Registration: You can register online and pay by credit card (AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD), PayPal or wire transfer.
  • Offline Registration: You can pay by credit card (AMEX, VISA or MASTERCARD) or wire transfer.

NOTE: For security reasons, we cannot accept any credit card data via email. Credit card information received by email will automatically be deleted and the contract destroyed.

What bank information should I use to process my wire transfer?

When processing the transfer, your bank may make charges and deduct this from the total amount. Please check with your bank in advance to ensure the correct amount reaches us.

What kind of information should I include on the wire document?

This information is important to enable us to easily identify your payment. Please include one of the following:

  • Invoice number: You can find your invoice number on the top left of the invoice. Once registered, your original invoice is automatically sent by post. A client copy will be sent by email to the company contact provided on the registration form and if the email was provided.
  • Order ID number: If you register online, you will receive a registration confirmation where you can find your Order ID number. Please quote this number as reference when processing your wire transfer.
  • I do not have any invoice number or Order ID number: In order to be able to recognize your payment, please mention your company name as filled in on the registration form, the name of the participants registered, and the event you registered for.

*Special notice for UK, Ireland, Australia, and British Virgin Islands residents: When paying by wire transfer, the invoice number can only be sent by our UK office upon receipt of your payment.

If you register online, please use the order ID number and total amount included in the confirmation email to generate the transfer first.

Should I send a copy of the bank transfer?

Yes, you will need to send a copy of the bank transfer as proof of payment to our Customer Service by choosing Category: Accounting / Invoice/ Vat and Sub Category: Payment. Remember to include your company name, personal details and the event you are registering for.

Should I bring a copy of the bank transfer on-site?

If the payment is done less than 7 days before the exhibition starting day, please bring a copy of the bank transfer as proof of payment.


If you would like your invoice to be billed and sent to a specific address or contact, please make sure to fill in the section “Billing address” and “Billing contact name” when registering.

When will I receive an invoice?

Once registered, your original repayment VAT invoice and original client copy are automatically sent by post to the company address provided on the registration form.

The client copy is automatically sent by email to the company contact provided on the registration form and if the email was provided to us.

I did not receive my invoice, can you resend it?

If you need a copy, please fill out the Customer Service. Remember to include your company name, personal details and the event you registered for.

What if my invoice contains a mistake?

Please fill out the Customer Service including your company name, personal details and the event you registered for. Please mention the exact information that needs to be amended.

Delegate Registration

Can I cancel, amend or replace a delegate registration?

Your registration is personal and cannot be cancelled. Contracts are final and binding, and thus non-refundable.

However, your delegate details can be amended by contacting our Customer Helpdesk

Under certain conditions, it can be transferred to a full-time employee of the same company (from the same country, city and address).

To transfer or amend your delegate registration, please contact our Customer Service, choosing the category "Registration modification" Sub Category: "Replacement".

Hotel and apartment booking

What is my login and password for accommodation booking?

A login and password are no longer required to book accommodation. Our online accommodation booking service enables you to make your reservation in a few simple steps. For any assistance you may require, please send a message to hotel.midem@bnetwork.com or contact the team by phone +33 (0) 493 687 600.

Please note that our booking service and special rates are exclusive to participants.


Do I need a VISA to attend and can you help in getting one?

Depending on your origin of departure, a visa may be required to enter France. Please consult the French Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs website to find out which documents are required for entry.

Should you need assistance to get a VISA invitation letter, please contact our Customer Service, choosing the category "VISA/Invitation letter".


Where can I retrieve my badge for the show?

Participants who have paid in full and who have a picture in our system approximately 1 weeks prior to the show will receive by email an E-Badge to print and bring at Midem.

NOTE: You will only receive your badge if you have paid in full. In any case you must bring valid ID to collect your badge, whether you have sent a photo or not.

VAT Refunds

How can I collect my VAT refund?

Participants who are non-resident in France may be eligible for a refund on French Valued Added Tax (VAT) under certain conditions.

Please be careful not to lose the top copy (original repayment VAT invoice), which is the only document valid for a VAT refund request.

Duplicated and client copies, even certified, will not be accepted by the French tax authorities. Originals cannot be re-issued. For more information about VAT refunds, please contact our partner TEVEA INTERNATIONAL.

On-site Concerns

Wifi & Connectivity services

What connectivity services are available during Midem?

  • Free WI-FI is available throughout the exhibition on the network named: ‘Palais des Festivals WIFI’.

Note: You will find the Wi-Fi code on the top left of your badge. (@: XXXXXX).

You can only connect one device at a time.

The Wi-Fi connection will allow you to read your emails, tweet and connect to the application. It will not support video streaming or downloading heavy attachments.

If you require a customized Wi-Fi service, please contact Viapass. During the exhibition, please contact our Customer Service

  • Access to e-mail points and Plug with the Business Centre.

Online Services

Online database

What is my login and password?

Your log-in your registered e-mail address. Enter this e-mail, and click “activate your account or reset your password”. Note that your email must be unique and personal to you.

Why haven’t I received my activation email?

To confirm your account, you should receive an activation e-mail in your inbox (24-72 hours after registration). The e-mail’s subject line is "Midem IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Your Midem Online Database access." If you haven’t received it after 72 hours, check your spam folder.

Otherwise, Click the link: “activate your account or reset your password” on the login page. This will resend an activation link to your inbox. If problems persist, contact our Customer Service with the subject line “LOGIN HELP”. Specify your request, company name, personal details and the event you registered for.

How do I change my email address?

To change the email address you currently use as a login, as well as for communication with Reed MIDEM, contact our Customer Service with the subject line “CHANGE EMAIL ADDRESS”. Specify your request, company name, personal details and the event you registered for.

How do I hide my email address from other Midem Online Database users?

To hide your email address, log in to the Midem Online Database. On "My account" page, click on "Preferences". At the bottom of the page, click on "I do not want to display my email address on my participant profile, nor on messages that I send to other participants".

How can I manage the meeting notifications that I receive in my inbox?

If you want to stop receiving e-mails related to meeting requests from the Midem Online Database, please visit your participant profile.

In the “Alert me via email” section, you can manually turn on/off notifications for when a participant sends you a meeting request, accepts your meeting, declines your meeting, or cancels his own meeting with you.

You also have the possibility of preventing other people from sending you meeting requests.

How is Reed MIDEM taking measures to protect your private information?

It has come to our attention that certain companies have accessed the Midem Online Database to obtain attendees’ email addresses. Reed MIDEM is not related in any way with these companies and is taking measures – including legal action – to stop their unsolicited emails. Reed MIDEM takes your privacy very seriously. If you prefer not to display your email address on your profile, go to your communication preferences.

How do I update my profile, photo or company information within the Midem Online Database?

Once connected to the Midem Online Database you will arrive on “My Account” page. Click on the pencil icon, next to your profile picture. We recommend uploading a photo of 120px X 125px in size, and in (.jpg) or (.png) format.

To update company information, your logo or project information, from “My Account” page, scroll down to "Promote yourself and your company". Click on “Edit”. You will find a series of tabs for updating your company profile, logo or project information.

How do I read my messages?

Once logged into the Midem Online Database, an activity toolbar will be displayed at the top of the website. Click on the mail symbol. This will create a dropdown showing your personal inbox and company inbox, along with your latest incoming messages.

How can I promote my company in the Midem Online Database?

You can benefit from an exclusive Digital banner at the top of the online directory to be visible by your peers all year round (from 1 450€ + VAT). There is also a full range of advertising spaces on the show website and the show guide that you can book. If you are interested by any of these opportunities, please contact Antoinette.lavallette@reedmidem.com

You can also upgrade your company’s online package to the Online Database Company highlight (from 200€ + VAT), in order to be highlighted in search results. To do so, please contact urielle.jacques@reedmidem.com.

Why am I having trouble viewing the website?

Our website is best viewed in most up-to-date browser versions; some features may not work properly on versions like Internet Explorer 6 and 7. Please consider upgrading your browser for a better experience.

Mobile App

We do not offer a mobile app this year as the database is fully responsive and can be used on any smart phone.

Your Personal Agenda

Where can I find my Personal Agenda?

Log-in to your online database then you can find your Personal Agenda in 'My Account' page.

How can I bookmark a session, a concert or a speaker?

You must be logged in to complete these actions. Bookmark a session by clicking on the Agenda Icon located at the right corner of a session or a speaker, by clicking on the Star Icon.

How can I retrieve my bookmarked sessions?

Go to “My Account” tab of the header and click on “Agenda”. You will find all the sessions you bookmarked in a calendar view.

How can I find my bookmarked speakers?

Go to “My Account” tab of the header and click on “Favourites”. Here you will find all the speakers you bookmarked.

How can I share a conference or concert with someone?

Go to the session you are interested in. On the right corner, click on “Share”. You will be able to share the session by email or by Social Media.

I’ve lost my login and/or password. How do I get them back?

Click on “My Event” icon, “Settings”, then “Forgot password”.


Email unsubsciption

This data is processed by Reed MIDEM for the purposes of carrying out its contractual obligations: fulfilling request for information or content, registration for newsletter or promotional analysis and communications. Such data is stored for a maximum duration of 3 years. 
You may exercise your right to access, obtain, correct and oppose the use of your personal data by writing to: contact.dpo@reedmidem.com 
In case you are not satisfied by the answer to your request, you may enter a complaint to the French National Data Protection Authority (Commission Nationale Informatique et Libertés or CNIL).