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Do not miss this opportunity to identify the new monetisation sources; optimise your music catalogue can be optimised; learn about today and tomorrow’s consumption habits; build your international development strategy and to make the most of artist & label services.

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Midem Digital Edition is accessible to all free of charge. All you need to do is register on Midem Digital to access all sessions.

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Workshop Soundcloud

Fan-powered innovations: How SoundCloud's helping artists build their careers on their own terms”

Presented by Soundcloud

With independent artists representing the fastest growing segment of the music industry, the industry is responding in unprecedented ways with features and services to build and grow their musical careers on their own terms.

Hear from SoundCloud's artist relations, artist marketing and music rights experts about what the next-gen entertainment company is offering the independent artist community, from more ways to engage with and grow your fanbase to fan-powered royalties -- SoundCloud's game-changing pay model for independent artists.

Session Horus Music

“How to Break in Brazil through Music Services”

Presented by Horus Music

As Brazil begins to return to pre-pandemic conditions, we look at some of the recent developments and opportunities in the music industry. While the live industry struggles to recoup its losses, other sectors flourish. New players continue to establish themselves in the market, with new ideas and new services. 

Horus Music has brought together four industry professionals to share their experiences and perspectives on the local music industry. 

Workshop Bridger

Artists direct, streaming and copyright - Cracking up the black box to improve the life of creators.

Presented by Bridger

Around 580,000,000€ of royalties is sitting in a black box each year. What happened to the promise of data as an instrument of justice for songwriters?

Bridger will be analyzing the data exchange between rights management organizations, streaming platforms and direct artists. as well as discussing how an open, solid & consistent metadata environment can help us build a better, more lucrative industry for songwriters in Europe.

Workshop Believe

Innovation for independent artists and producers.

Presented by Believe

The acceleration of the digitalization of the music market is a source of both challenges and opportunities for independent artists and labels. Reaching fans on the right platform, at the right time and with the right content has become the fundamental issue in which we continually invest, for the benefit of the artists and labels we support.

This conference aims at summarizing the key steps in the implementation of an innovative digital strategy and to present some of the available levers. Finally, it will be the opportunity to present the outcomes of an unprecedented study, conducted by Youtube in partnership with Believe and Ekimetrics, a leading datascience firm, on the business impact of artists' engagement on Youtube.