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Midem Latin American Forum

Midem places an emphasis on supporting music professionals the world over, encouraging business development and talent discovery.

This forum has been developed to assist with the structuring of the music industry in Latin America to stimulate international exchanges.

Digital Latin American Forum in association with LatinX BizarroLab

Midem and Bizarro joined forces to propose a unique 2021 digital programme: a spotlight on the Latin American music industry, bringing together movers and shakers of the region and their global peers.

The event highlighted the artistic scene and the different music genres throughout digital showcases and dj sets.

Beyond business, this programme spotlighted local talents that are export-ready in order to create opportunities for them to reach new audiences. The whole event was focused on Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.



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Latin American Forum – Conferences

Understanding Latin America

Latin music is breaking borders and has gone global, producing some of today’s hottest artists and songs. Opportunities are endless: this panel highlights the must-know trends and insights on the key markets - focusing on Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico - for anyone interested in doing business in the region.


Innovation &    Entrepreneurship 

Join this panel to learn more about the LATAM tech ecosystem. Key players and innovation experts provide their analysis on the state of the region's music tech ecosystem as well as sharing thoughts on current opportunities for startups to develop business and grow in South America.


Women Voices in Latin America 

Women across the industry are raising their voices and accessing leadership roles. This exclusive panel brings together artist and festival founder Francisca Valenzuela, leading manager Camila Saraiva and digital power player Laura Tesoriero for a conversation on the place of women in today’s music business in Latin America.


Decoding the Alternative Music Scenes of Latin America

In  association with the LAMC

This panel delve into the vibrant alternative music scenes in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Chile, covering a diverse array of genres from rock to trap, cumbia, folkloric, electronica and more. Industry executives compare notes on successes, challenges, how these scenes support each other and connect to a global audience.

Música Digital & the Growth of Independent Artists in Latin America

TuneCore & the Growth of Independent Artists in Latin America

In association with Tunecore

In Colombia, 60% of music industry growth is now sourced from digital platforms, almost triple what it was only a few years ago. In Mexico, a 2019 digital audio study by nPeople and NeuroMedia found that 56 % of all music is listened to through streaming services. In this fireside chat, Tunecore Head of Brazil & Latam’s Bruno Duque and Billboard VP Latin Industry Lead’s Leila Cobo discusses the growth of independent artists in Latin America along with the rise in usage of streaming services and digital music, as well as TuneCore’s role in the space.

Latin American Forum – Showcases

A Deep Dive into Latin American Sounds


Latin expert and Billboard’s VP Latin Leila Cobo goes through groundbreaking songs in Latin music, highlighting hits from her latest book “Decoding "Despacito": An Oral History of Latin Music” and today’s hotest musical trends in a conversation with AJ Ramos.


Artists showcases

Discover the Latin American music scene through an exciting lineup of freshest talent from Argentina, Chile, Colombia and Mexico.

Part of the programme,  exclusive live sessions from the women mariachi ensemble Flor de Toloache ; the Chilean / Angolan rising trap artist Polimá Westcoast, the exciting rock band Diamante Eléctrico and Argentinian Jazz duo Cande y Paulo.

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Midem is a business enabler, helping and supporting new territories to structure and develop their local music markets thanks to a unique programme of knowledge sharing, networking, inspiration, conferences and meetings.

Midem has created the Midem Latin American Forum, a long-term programme designed to establish business and artistic relationships between Latin America and professionals from the rest of the world. The forum aims to develop and sustain the structuring of local and regional music ecosystems and international business in Latin America.