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Midem Africa: the first pan-African digital music event

Midem launched  “Midem Africa”, the first pan-African digital music platform dedicated to the continent’s most vibrant music markets, with Kenya as Country of Honour. Our keynotes, panels and workshops remain accessible to all on demand and free of charge.

Learn about the African music industries, discover the most exciting trends and opportunities, and benefit from key insights and practical tools to foster networking and accelerate careers and business among key local music players and their regional and international counterparts.

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Focus on Conferences

Business Accelerator - How to Promote your Music

In today’s globalised music economy, visibility, image and marketability are key for artists to cut through the noise. While music listeners have evolved into music consumers, it is vital to understand these new consumption habits to create dedicated content and deliver the right message to a growing fanbase.

In this session, you will understand the importance of crafting a storytelling and learn about the different digital marketing strategies to stand out of the crowd and access global fame!

Workshops Dedicated to African Music Markets

Benefit from insights into the African Music industries with workshops provided by local, regional and international music players. Learn about the key partners and business opportunities on the continent and abroad.

Check out the key topics of these workshops presented by our partners Spotify, The Orchard, Sheer Publishing Africa & CD Baby, Songtrust & FUGA, Klox, Sacem, IDOL.

Midem Africa - Business Accelerator programme

A programme created for DIY artists and executives to help and support them navigate an ever changing but exciting environment. Learn the basics about talent development and turbo-boost your career on an international level!

How to Monetise your Music?      

Understand the music value chain, learn about your rights and the data, discover how to collect all your revenue sources to better negotiate and grow long-term income.


Why Entourage is Key to your Success?

Learn how to build a successful team, which are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to secure an efficient network with the less intermediaries possible and organise a strategic plan to forge a solid career.

How to Promote Your Music?         

Understand the importance of crafting a storytelling and learn about the different digital marketing strategies to stand out of the crowd and access global fame!


How to Leverage Business opportunities?

Learn the basics of identity and identifying with your audience. How to define your brand as an artist? What is important when partnering with a brand? How to find new ways of monetisation through collaborations, brand partnerships, sync and merchandising?

Midem Africa Exclusive Showcases

Opening Party by Midem                                                                                                                                                    

Discover the exciting African artistic scene and diverse music genres. From South Africa to Ghana, Nigeria, Uganda to Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya, get a glimpse of Kinyatrap, Afrohouse, Buganda drumming, Gengetone, Mchiriku, Taarab, Singeli or Acholitronix sounds. 

Exclusive Concert – Les révélations des Jeux de la Francophonie 

As part of its mission to accompany the winners of the “Jeux de la Francophonie”, the Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie (OIF) supports emerging artists with the ambition of promoting the vibrancy of female talents. Discover CelenaSophia, Fanie Fayar and Moonaya.

Digital Emerging Artists Showcases - Presented by Hitlab

Discover the four African winners of the Digital Emerging Artist showcases programme launched by Hitlab and presented by Akon.


Closing Party - La Sunday Abidjan                                                                                 

Abidjan's epic La Sunday party was honoured during Midem Africa with a tremendous lineup featuring Widgunz - one of the fastest rising voices in the Ivorian scene- and Jeune Lio La Sunday Co-founder.

Key Media Partners

2018 to 2021… Midem & Africa

Midem aims to support the development and internationalisation of African music markets. Thanks to their incredible influence on many music styles all over the world and Africa’s young population and rapid adoption of mobile media, the digital revolution is offering a new opportunity to export more local artists. African markets, with their diversity and rich cultural heritage, have huge potential.

With its long-term programme for Africa, Midem hopes to accelerate this transition by creating bridges between the continent and the rest of the world. This initiative aims to foster bilateral exchanges between national and international music executives and sectors in order to facilitate the structuring and professionalisation of the African market.



Midem Africa Artist Ambassadors

Artists are at the heart of Midem and are involved in all of our initiatives. Midem Africa is proud to count among its ambassadors and alumni leading artists from the continent: from Femi Kuti to Yemi Alade, Nasty C, Kampire, Maleek Berry, Davido, Moonchild, and many more.

Femi Kuti


Yemi Alade


Nasty C

(South Africa)



Maleek Berry


Moonchild Sanelly

(South Africa)