Midem Africa

Midem Africa: the first pan-African digital music event

Midem is proud to announce the launch of “Midem Africa”, the first pan-African digital music event dedicated to the continent’s most vibrant music markets – Accessible to all, free of charge.  

From 28 June to 1 July, embark upon a four-day journey that will map out the African music industries, highlight the most exciting trends and opportunities, and provide key insights and practical tools to foster networking and accelerate careers and business among key local music players and their regional and international counterparts.

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FAQ Midem Africa

Midem Africa Conferences


Through a series of panels and keynotes, leading artists and executives from all corners of the continent will share their insights into the key trends and the most exciting stories from their markets. Stay tuned for the full programme!


Africa's Role in a Global Music Marketplace

Africa is poised for tremendous growth in the global music marketplace.  With increasing streaming volumes and revenues, all eyes are focused on the continent to see how music grows and exports. Join MRC Data’s Helena Kosinski, VP Global, for an overview of current music trends on the continent and a deeper dive into the Afro-pop genre.  

Why is Africa a good market to enter for music tech startups?

Africa offers strong business opportunities and high growth rates for companies who penetrate the market with a clear understanding of the continent’ specific needs as well as the diversity of cultures. The conversation with our experts will unveil areas of innovation’s wait for the African market with a special focus on the music industry.

Nigeria, a growing market not to be missed          

A deep dive on Nigerian music, its demand, growth and the significance in global marketplace.





Midem Africa - Business Accelerator programme

A four-day programme created for DIY artists and executives to help and support them navigate an ever changing but exciting environment.

Join us to learn the basics about talent development and turbo-boost your career on an international level!

How to Monetise your Music?      

Understand the music value chain, learn about your rights and the data, discover how to collect all your revenue sources to better negotiate and grow long-term income.


Why Entourage is Key to your Success?

Learn how to build a successful team, which are the questions you need to ask yourself in order to secure an efficient network with the less intermediaries possible and organise a strategic plan to forge a solid career.

How to Promote Your Music?         

Understand the importance of crafting a storytelling and learn about the different digital marketing strategies to stand out of the crowd and access global fame!



How to Leverage Business opportunities?

Learn the basics of identity and identifying with your audience. How to define your brand as an artist? What is important when partnering with a brand? How to find new ways of monetisation through collaborations, brand partnerships, sync and merchandising?

Meet your African peers and take your business to the next level

Virtual meeting sessions & features

Whether you are an artist or an executive, networking is the key to growing your career and business on the continent.

During Midem Africa, you will be able to network with more than 12,000 Midem international delegates on the platform by joining official networking sessions or organising your own individual meetings (here's how to do it).

Make the most out of your music catalogue

Looking to maximize your music catalogue visibility and notoriety?

Join this networking session to meet international publishers and music supervisors.

Touring in Africa                                      

Looking to tour in Africa?

Join this networking session to meet key bookers, agents and event organizers of the region.

Market Your Music                                  

Looking to make some noise and let everyone know you?

Join this networking session to meet streaming companies, A&Rs, managers and PR professionals.

Meet the streamers and artist services

Looking to find the best music services for your business or music project? Join this networking session to discover marketing services, sales, rights management, legal and distribution solutions.

Companies Already Confirmed for Midem Africa

20 fifty - 6060 Music Group - African Crossroads - African Tech Roundup - Afrobeat Network - Afrobytes - Afropicks - Anyiko Public Relations - ANYA - Billboard - Boomplay - Bridges for Music - Cabo Verdean Music Society - Camille & Co - CISAC - Dakar Music Expo - Downtown Music Publishing - Emextee - Empire - Fanbase Academy - France 24 - Freeme Digital - Fuga - Gbedu - Google - Hitlab - Horus Music - IFPI - In One Entertainment - Jetblack Agency - Mavin Records -Merlin - MRC Data - MTV - Music in Africa - Nyege Nyege - Okay Africa - Patreon - PRS for Music - Pulse - Sheer Publishing Africa - Smartist U - Songtrust - Sony Music Publishing - Spotify - Spotlight Management & Consultancy - Streamit Africa - Supersun - Synchtank - Talent Africa Group - T-Effect - Telma - The Unit -Tik Tok - Universal Music Africa - Viacom - Visa for Music - VTH Season - Warner Music Group - WIN - Whitestone Sollicitors and Consultancy - Women in Music - Youtube

Access Midem Africa

Midem Africa is accessible to all for free. All you need to do is register on Midem Digital to access all sessions.

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2018 to 2021… Midem & Africa

Midem aims to support the development and internationalisation of African music markets. Thanks to their incredible influence on many music styles all over the world and Africa’s young population and rapid adoption of mobile media, the digital revolution is offering a new opportunity to export more local artists. African markets, with their diversity and rich cultural heritage, have huge potential.

With its long-term programme for Africa, Midem hopes to accelerate this transition by creating bridges between the continent and the rest of the world. This initiative aims to foster bilateral exchanges between national and international music executives and sectors in order to facilitate the structuring and professionalisation of the African market.

Midem Africa Artist Ambassadors

Artists are at the heart of Midem and are involved in all of our initiatives. Midem Africa is proud to count among its ambassadors and alumni leading artists from the continent: from Femi Kuti to Yemi Alade, Nasty C, Kampire, Maleek Berry, Davido, Moonchild, and many more.

Femi Kuti


Yemi Alade


Nasty C

(South Africa)



Maleek Berry


Moonchild Sanelly

(South Africa)