Midem's conference programme

Midem's conferences form an exclusive programme featuring the most respected decision-makers in the global music industry. 

Through inspiring conversations, concrete case studies, and workshops, participants benefit from their peers’ insights to grow their international business.

Midem's conferences help shape the future of the music industry

Midem conferences have always been at the forefront of key trends and innovations in the international music business, from the launch of the very first streaming services to the growing opportunities of blockchain, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality. Our conferences have often been among the first to explore new business models across emerging markets.

We welcome a variety of speakers ranging from artists and industry leaders to entrepreneurs, tech pioneers, digital influencers, and journalists.

Every year, Midem designs an insightful and thought-provoking conference programme to help participants overcome the main challenges and harness key trends shaping the future of the international music business.

Our programme offers a wealth of learning opportunities with five conference rooms tackling topics from music monetisation (film/TV music, sync, esports, A&R, marketing and promotion, music and brands) to exciting international music scenes and new business models (Latin, African and Asian Forums, Global Indie Voices). Midem also hosts summits on key issues impacting the industry (streaming, copyright, live, legal) and forward-thinking keynote sessions.

In addition, we make it easy for you to access the leading international executives that speak at our conferences by creating networking opportunities within the Networking Hub and during extended Meet the Speakers sessions. 

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this exciting conversation!

Midem Digital Edition

Free Access to All

DISCUSS, CONNECT and SHARE solutions for the music industry in the post-Covid era

From 2 JUNE 2020

Global Indie Voices

For the past three years, Midem has partnered with four of the world’s leading independent associations to give the voice to the indie music scene.

At a time when the independent sector is the driving force of the music community and the digitalization of our industry has made it global by nature, what are the main obstacles faced by independents around the world?

Discover the interviews of Merlin’s newly appointed CEO Jeremy Sirota, IMPALA’s President Kees Van Weijen, WIN’s COO Charlie Philips and IMPF’s President Pierre Mossiat.

Midem Conference Tracks

Midem Keynotes

Keynote talks are an exclusive opportunity to hear leading international music industry players share their vision of the future of the music business.

Midem Summits

Streaming, Live (in association with Pollstar), Copyright, and Legal Summits (in association with IAEL) are your passport to business intelligence on these key industry topics.

Global Stage

For spotlights on the most exciting music scenes around the world and unique insights into how to grow your business internationally, check out the African, Latin American and Asian Forums.

Cash Factory

Concrete tools and innovative ways of monetising music through activations with Brands, Film/TV Music (in association with Variety), A&R, Sync, Music Marketing, Worldwide Hip-hop, and Esports.

Music Lab

Midemlab startup competition finalists and leading innovation companies present exciting solutions to take your business to the next level.

Artist Hub

Our Artist Hub (in association with International Artist Organisation) is the place to network, share ideas and creativity, and learn all about talent development.

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