Midem Artist & Label Services Forum

The world’s first global platform for services dedicated to artists and rights-holders.

Midem is launching the first ever Artist and Label Services Forum. It is a marketplace where labels, managers and artists can discover, source and adopt services from around the world that can provide marketing services, sales, rights management, legal and distribution solutions.

Artist and label services: a new economy of choice for artists and rights-holders

The new economy of choice is driven by several factors:

  • The digitalisation of the business, with streaming as the main method of music consumption: 46.9% of industry revenues in 2018 (IFPI report 2019).
  • Falling production costs, globalisation, and easy access to digital distribution have resulted in more music being released: over 40,000 tracks are added every day on Spotify.
  • The emergence of digital distributors has simplified the way artists release their music and allows them to keep ownership of their rights: “artists direct” (artist entrepreneurs, DYI artists, etc.) is a new business reality and the fastest-growing revenue generator in the music industry.
  • Digital distribution equals global reach and calls for the multiplication of specific, localised strategies and adapted solutions.

New economy = new needs

Independent artists/rights-holders need to:

  • Understand this ecosystem
  • Achieve clarity and get explanations about the offers and service providers
  • Find suitable solutions for their development


Service providers need to:

  • Get visibility
  • Communicate about their offers
  • Develop their activities and/or their range of services through partnerships/ acquisitions
  • Scout local resources.


The Midem Artist and Label Services Forum will be located within the Artist & Creativity Floor alongside with the Artist Hub (1st floor of the Palais).



for service providers


in a dedicated auditorium



Why Music Companies Invented Artist and Label Services to Empower Creators

As digital technology continues to revolutionise how the music industry operates, the growth of a new sector, known as Artist and Label Services, has become an essential by-product.

This new age of tech-driven entertainment places music creators at the heart of the industry – as compared with the past when the business more or less required artists to focus purely on their legal contracts. Hence the emergence of the Artist and Label Services sector, there to serve creators whose work has become more complex – and potentially more lucrative – as digital takes hold.

Explore the importance of artist and label services

Fred Davis - The Raine Group (USA), Justin Kalifowitz - CEO, Downtown Music Holdings (USA) and Kerry Trainor - CEO, SoundCloud (USA/Germany)

The unique keynote discussion on 2 June will underline the role and development of the future of Artist and Label Services. Reflecting a strong focus on the topic at Midem 2020, the conversation will dive deep into this essential element of the music ecosystem, helping artists release, promote and monetise their music around the world. The eminent speakers will look at the rise of ‘direct artist’ services companies, and a whole host of other commercial models, allowing unsigned artists to have more choice and flexibility than ever before, offering them the opportunity to create their own virtual record label.

Midem 2020 will launch the first global platform for artist and label services – which will be known as the Midem Artist and Label Services Forum – to strengthen Midem’s commitment to keep the artist at the core.